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Of what interest is a saint who barely lived twenty years a century ago, thousand of miles from Europe? There are many reasons for this. Here are a few ones:

• Because saints are God's masterpieces. To discover Saint Teresa of the Andes is to discover a new marvel realized by God's grace in a human person.

• Because Teresa of the Andes lived nearly her entire life in the world where the greatest part of her sanctification took place. She shows us how to sanctify ourselves in daily activities: family life, school, vacations, sports, etc.

• Because dying at nineteen, Teresa of the Andes is a particularly attractive model of holiness for young people. She shows them where true happiness lies: God is infinite joy!

• Because Teresa of the Andes strongly stimulates us through her insatiable thirst for God and her absolute love for Christ.

• Because thousand of people make the experience of the power of her intercession in front of God. The encounter of Teresa changed their life.

It is up to you to discover her if you wish!