This movie, shot by the Chilean television in 1989 (under the direction of Vicente Sabatini) relates the last three years of Teresa de Los Andes' life. It has a total duration of 6 and a half hours distributed on 4 DVD either in NTSC format or in PAL format. Available in Spanish language at the bookstore of the Teresa de Los Andes Shrine in Auco (Chile).
One could not recommand too highly this movie, shot in the historical places of Juanita's life (Santiago, Chacabuco, Algarrobo, the carmel of Los Andes), substantially faithful to historical truth and remarkably interpreted.
A version of the same movie with English subtitles, initially released by St. Paul Video (Boston), is now sold by Ignatius Press (San Francisco). It can be ordered from Ignatius Press web site.

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Juanita does an auction among her friends to sell her watch. Feeling guilty for not being able to give her enough money, her father asks for her forgiveness. Juanita explains her act and gives the money (30 pesos) to Juanito, a little poor boy, that he may buy a new pair of shoes.

Boarding student at the Sacred Heart High School in Santiago, Juanita speaks with her spiritual director to whom she shows the resolutions she took for her spiritual life. Then she joins other girls for recreation to play to an imitation game.

Juanita has lunch with Rebeca and two friends, among whom Clarita who will get married quite soon. They speak about love and marriage. In the following scene, aware of her father's suffering because of his financial problems, Juanita tells him not to hesitate to rely upon her.

Juanita asks permission from her father to enter Carmel at 18. She explains the reasons of her choice: only God can make her truly happy. She then discusses with her brother Lucho who is desperate because of her decision.


Clothed as a postulant, Juanita, enters the Carmelite monastery of Los Andes. She follows the community procession to the chapel. Then, in the monastery garden, she is introduced to the sisters and to Molzuc, the community dog, to which she must give a piece of bread.


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